Environmental Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling


  Saving Roads, Rivers, Buildings, and Railways

Environmental Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling are numerous and are well documented all across America. HDD has saved hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions. HDD has steadily become the first choice to install pipelines and underground utilities without disturbing the local environment. Whether you are drilling in wetlands or sensitive nature conservation areas you can rely on directional boring to be the least invasive method.

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Whether its roads, rivers, railways, or historical structures that stand in the way of your utility lines, directional drilling is the answer. Using high technology GPS guided drills you can now go thousands of feet underneath the obstructions through rock, soil, clay, and many other ground types. With these high tech directional boring machines you can now get your utility lines in place quickly and affordably keeping your job on time and on budget.

Moreover, the appeal of directional drilling outweighs any negatives. One of the top known benefits is continued operation of roads and highways without the need to shut down. Also, there is minimal disturbance to the job site area and minimal site restoration. As you can clearly see the benefits and cost savings are tremendous.

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