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  New "No Dig" Directional Drilling Technology

Directional Drilling also referred to as Horizontal Boring is a new technology that allows for underground lines to be run great distances without the need for trenching. It can be utilized for many different applications including boring lines for electrical conduit, water lines, gas lines, sewer lines or for just about and type of utility that runs underground. Because directional drilling doesn't require any trenching it is ideal for running lines or pipes under streets, buildings, railways, as well as ponds, rivers, or other water structures.


  Excellent for Boring New Utility Runs

Horizontal Boring technologies allow for highly precise drilling runs using a GPS guided electronic drill head accurate to within several thousandths of an inch. It is an exciting new technology available to contractors that can complete your project on time and under budget compared to traditional trenching methods of the past that required closing down streets and businesses for weeks to complete and back-fill the trench as well as repair buildings, roadways and structures that lie in the path of the designed utility run.

 Reduces Construction Time

 Saves Expensive Landscapes

 Save Historical Structures

 No Unsightly Excavation

 Reduces Impact on Area Residents

 Reduces Impact on Area Businesses

 Eliminates Ground Settling

 Minimal Disruption To Roads, Rails

  Directional Drilling Rig In Action



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  No Disruption To Roads or Buildings



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