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   Horizontal Boring Technology


Horizontal Boring is basically another name for directional drilling. It is the process of running utility lines horizontally underground without the need for digging a trench. Machine capabilities today can run lines several thousands of feet underground leaving the rest of the project area untouched. Of course there are numerous benefits to this type of utility installations as they can now be performed much quicker and more affordably with a high degree of precision. A horizontal bore pilot hole is made from one small access point at the pitch, grade, and length required. Then a certain size reamer is pulled back through to match the diameter required for the utility being installed. Once completed, the new utility lines can now be pulled through and setup as needed.


   Benefits Include:

 Reduces Construction Time

 Saves Expensive Landscapes

 Save Historical Structures

 No Unsightly Excavation

 Reduces Impact on Area Residents

 Reduces Impact on Area Businesses

 Eliminates Ground Settling

 Minimal Disruption To Roads, Rails

  Horizontal Boring Rig In Action



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  No Disruption To Roads or Buildings



Get Free Information From Your Local Horizontal Boring Contractor

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